Guest Information

If you’re looking for short or long-term luxury rental in Santa Barbara, CA let Wanderlust Luxury Rentals provide you with a lovely home-away-from-home experience. Our hope, and our intention, is to help make you and yours feel like you’re living in your new home and exploring your new community — even if just for a while.  

Wanderlust Luxury Rentals offers personally tailored options for your stay in the Santa Barbara area:

Concierge Service:  Each home has a designated concierge — a real person — not a phone service, or an 800 number of someone who lives out of town, but someone who knows your house, and our community.  We LIVE here in Santa Barbara.  All of us.  And we are here to make you feel like you live here, too.


During your stay, if you’d like to make your vacation more adventuresome, get inside tips on restaurants or a favorite beach, or simply have someone handle any issues that may arise, your personal concierge is there to help you.


Bring Greeted: If you’d like someone to greet you at your vacation rental,  we’re more than happy to do so. Just let us know in advance and we’ll be there.  If you’d like to arrive and enter on your own, that’s fine, too.  We’ll have the lights on for you.


Grocery Delivery: Imagine that you’ve been traveling all day, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some groceries waiting for you when you get “home”  rather than going out to the store on the first day of your vacation?  Wanderlust Luxury Rentals has you covered.  Just send us a list of your favorite things (you pay for the groceries) and we will shop and deliver your groceries free of charge. 



Curated List of Local Practitioners: We are intimately connected to many professionals in Santa Barbara. We can tell you the best yoga and exercise classes, or golf courses and tennis courts. We can connect you to the top tier of bodyworkers (massage therapists, rollers, chiropractors, resistance stretchers, etc.). Because we know the town and the people so well, we can connect you to the best.


Curated List of Local Tours: We can connect you to the best companies that offer wine tours, boat trips, or tours that take you to the special local spots in town, on the beach, or in the mountains. We know the best places to recommend if you want a small intimate group or a bigger party scene.


Price: When you book through Wanderlust, the price is the price.  What you see is what you pay.