Best Brunch in Santa Barbara

brunch in santa barbara

Santa Barbara is known for its lively culinary scene, and its brunch options are genuinely exceptional. From beachfront cafes that offer fresh seafood-infused dishes, to cozy bakeries serving up delectable pastries, there's something to satisfy every palate. Join us as we explore the best brunch spots in Santa Barbara, where you can indulge in locally sourced ingredients, creative menu items, and a delightful ambiance that captures the essence of this beautiful coastal city. Whether you're a local looking for new brunch spots or a visitor seeking culinary adventures, Santa Barbara's brunch scene promises to impress.

Our Top 10 Favorite Brunch Spots in Santa Barbara

Scarlett Begonia

Treat yourself to a delightful meal made from locally sourced, organic ingredients at this charming café located in the Victoria Courtyard in downtown Santa Barbara. Whether you prefer gluten-free or traditional brunch options, you will find a variety of creative and delicious dishes to indulge in. While they serve breakfast and lunch all week long, brunch happens on the weekend. Choose between a pre-fixe 3-course brunch with bottomless beverages or their a la carte menu. Be sure to make your reservations in advance to avoid long wait times.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse is a fantastic beachfront restaurant located on Hendry's Beach, or Arroyo Burro Beach, which is dog-friendly. The restaurant offers an extensive breakfast menu every day. It's worth the wait for a window table or a patio seat outside. You must try the Boathouse Signature Breakfast, which includes house-made snow and rock crab cakes instead of the standard English muffin. If you’re not a seafood fan, they also have a variety of other options, including pancakes, French toast, omelets, and more.

La Paloma Café

La Paloma Café isn't your typical eggs and bacon spot. They draw culinary inspiration from classic Mexican and Indigenous dishes, offering delights like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros. Their sweeter dishing for brunch includes vanilla-dipped French toast with date syrup and crème fraiche and sourdough banana pancakes with blueberry syrup. We recommend making a reservation online to be able to guarantee a table without a long wait.

The Lark

The Lark restaurant follows a farm-to-table philosophy for their brunch offerings on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Their brunch menu includes a variety of delicious options like the savory Cast Iron Baked Shakshuka and the sweet Black Sesame Granola & Whipped Greek Yogurt. If you're dining with a group, you can enjoy their house-baked pastries and order a pitcher of mimosas or bellinis to share at the table.

Lilac Patisserie

If you're in the mood for a gluten-free brunch, Lilac Pâtisserie is the place to be. This café and bakery is completely gluten-free, so you can enjoy simple yet delicious dishes without worrying about gluten. Their menu includes berry bowls, oatmeal, and avocado toast. You can choose from a variety of egg options, such as quiche, breakfast sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and customizable omelets. And if you're feeling adventurous, they also offer a range of mimosa flavors to try out.

Alessia Patisserie & Café

Experience a taste of Europe right here in Santa Barbara with Alessia Pâtisserie & Café. Indulge in European-style pastries by pastry chef Alessia Guehr. You can try the rich Lemon Ricotta Cheese Blintz and an assortment of inventive toasts and gourmet breakfast sandwiches made with fresh, house-made bread. If you're craving a caffeine boost, you can choose from various caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages, such as the Cortado or Café au lait.

Merci Montecito

Merci Montecito is a charming café that has a modern twist and a refined culinary approach and is influenced by Parisian culture. You can start your day with a delectable selection of artisanal pastries and breakfast sandwiches. They are dedicated to providing exceptional service, creating memorable experiences, and serving truly delicious food.

Jeannine’s Bakery & Restaurant

Looking for a perfect place to enjoy a delightful brunch? Head over to this bakery and café-style restaurant and choose between uptown, downtown, or Montecito locations. You'll be greeted by an array of baked goods and cakes displayed in glass cases, making it difficult to decide what to order for breakfast. They offer a variety of delicious dishes, ranging from benedicts to pancakes to French toast. They also have smoothies, freshly squeezed orange juice, matcha, and coffee to quench your thirst.

Helena Avenue Bakery

Helena Avenue Bakery is a popular breakfast spot located in the Funk Zone. The restaurant offers counter-service dining and has communal indoor, as well as outdoor seating. You must try their delicious biscuit breakfast sandwiches. In addition to the sandwiches, the restaurant also serves hearty breakfast bowls, huevos rancheros, and sweet or savory toasts. Although brunch cocktails are not available, the strong coffee served here will certainly wake you up.

The Daisy

While more of a lunch spot, they have some delicious food options available. Their smoked Brisket Banh MI and Niman Rosemary Ham sandwiches are delicious only using the finest farmers market-sourced, sustainable, and organic ingredients. They have a lovely, airy space featuring a charming covered patio and street seating!

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